Issue #1 : The Island of Dr. Moreau Sandbox Tribute

Issue Number 1 is now available!

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Inside you'll find 14 glorious b&w pages covering:

  • A bit of summary of The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells to show you how the novel sets it up if you haven't read it.
  • Some thoughts on humanoids and Dr. Moreau
  • A small, difficult to read, map of the island with key
  • NPC's - Moreau, "Five Fingers", the leopard man,  et al.
  • Possible hooks, plots, obstacles for PCs
  • Some random encounter tables
  • Roll your own beast-folk tables!

It's pretty much all system neutral, although I wrote it with B/X and its various clones in mind, since that's what I play.

14 pages, b/w, 1/2 size (5.5" x 8.5") zine

Please allow 2-3 days for processing.

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